Baltany private custom watch, dial custom case

Baltany private custom watch, dial custom case

In this era of individuality, major watch brands are launching limited or joint styles. The unique imprint and unique number are symbols that show individuality or represent identity.

In order to meet the individual needs of watch friends, Baotai Ni has always provided services of lightly customized micro-labels and patterns by virtue of its own supply chain advantages, which has been welcomed by the majority of friends.

Here are some examples of lightly customized watches in recent times:

Some are dynamic patterns, or vivid or simple animal patterns on the dial, reflecting the love of watch friends.

There are watch friends who belong to the year of the rabbit, who printed a rabbit pattern on the dial of a retro military watch of Poteni, and friends who like lions, developed a 3D micro-engraved lion retro watch with us, matched with Poteni bronze The case is full of personality. We put this personalized Lion King retro watch on overseas social media, which was very popular and quickly returned.

There are also custom-made models for couples. Most of Baltany watch styles are modern versions of classic styles with upgraded craftsmanship. Although there is only one women’s watch with opal gemstones, there are many small dial watches, which are simple but not simple, and are also very suitable for girls to wear. So some watch friends choose styles and customize them into couple watches. Love is in pairs, in pairs, in pairs, and in pairs. Time passes by every minute and every second. What is recorded is every minute and every second of love. Even if the world is different, only love is still together at this moment. It is happiness, this is a show of extremely conjugal love, time is the test of love, and it is also the witness of love.

There are also special commemorations for important days:

There are always many important days worth remembering in our lifetime, and there are always some people and some things worthy of our cherishing.

When we open the album, there will always be some pictures that come back to us;

When we revisit the old places, there will always be some people who seem to come back into our sight.

"I came to your city, walked the road you are familiar with, imagined how lonely you would be without me, took you, gave the photos, the familiar street..."

What we remember is sometimes joy, sometimes moving, sometimes suffering, sometimes grief, and sometimes regret. But all of this is our real life.

There will be many important nodes in life, which may be the starting point of your take-off, an important springboard, birth, first tooth, first day of school, graduation, first date, first job, starting point of entrepreneurship... ..

Keep some of our touches and use a watch to engrave important moments.

And the testimony of brotherhood:

In our lives, there are always friends who have similar tastes. You may have passed the window together, carried guns together, played football together, chased girls together, and played pranks together... They have their hands when you are tired. , they have their wine when they are down

There are more personality patterns, just like.

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