What is a vintage watch?

What is a vintage watch?

When the retro wind intensifies, all kinds of vintage clothes, retro makeup, and nostalgic equipment are pushed to the forefront, and watches are no exception to the emergence of many suitable works. The "retro-style" watch full of simplicity and elegance seems to reproduce the old style, and it is perfectly combined with today's fashionable elements.

So what vintage watch?

The first thing to mention is, of course, antique watches. From about 1985, celebrities in the upper classes in the United States suddenly wore old watches from before World War II and became fashionable. Manhattan financiers prefer to wear Patek Philippe or Vacheron Constantin produced in the 1940s, and this trend soon spread from the United States to Geneva, Paris, London ... to Hong Kong and the mainland.

What people call antique watches today mainly refers to pocket watches and old watches made of metal machinery. Most of the watches were produced from the end of the 18th century to the 1950s. At that time, most of the watches were only owned by nobles. The brand value, the value of the product itself, and so many years of precipitation, since it is called "antique watch", the price is not cheap.

If it is a bit far-fetched to call an antique watch a retro watch, then the next one is a real vintage watch.

People seem to have a nostalgic mentality. In this case, in addition to innovation, it is a shortcut to take out the classics and re-produce the watches. Don’t you see so many brands paying tribute to the classics and replicas of the classics over the years. It has caused a hot sale in the market, and the brand has done a good job in business while retelling old stories and glorious history. This is a very cost-effective transaction.

A hundred years of watch history has created too many legends. These elements carry the characteristics of the past era and are left behind, bringing us feelings of that era, Breguet characters and Breguet needles, orbital minute scales, small three needle , Roman numerals... In fact, for those who like a certain brand, for a style that was once very popular and discontinued, even using a little color back can make us feel full of satisfaction. When the brand is innovative, we pursue it. When the brand is nostalgic, we also buy it. This is the charm of the watch and the charm of the brand. We call this type of watch a retro watch and it should be the mainstream of the market.

There is another kind of watch, rather than a retro watch, I think it can also be called an "antique watch", or use materials and elements that bring an old feeling, such as bronze, such as plaster yellow luminous, or directly make the watch artificially old The finished product is already an antiquity that feels like it has gone through hardships and vicissitudes of life, with a strong sense of nostalgia.

The above are several types of what people call retro watches. Baltany watches mainly promote retro watches, seek inspiration in classic designs, and use fine workmanship to create a refined retro nostalgic style.

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