Which mechanical watch is better to buy?

Which mechanical watch is better to buy?

A good watch, of course, first of all, you have to like it, and then it is worth it.

Ordinary brand watches are personalized decorations, and we will evaluate the cost-effectiveness of thousands to tens of thousands of watches. But each flower has its own eye, diving watch, pilot bronze watch, stainless steel dress watch, commuter watch, sports watch, too many varieties, too many colors, domestic brands, niche brands, luxury brands, people-friendly brands, custom watch brands, and many brands, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and blue. Purple, there are many colors, I really like it, how much is he worth? There is the market price of the watch and the premium you give it psychologically.

Since the value is determined by two prices, it all depends on the individual, how much the movement is worth, the market has prices, and how much the case craftsmanship is worth, you can also compare, but how much the brand is worth, how much you like the style, everyone's scale Not the same, can't compare.

There are some niche brands on the market. Less cost is spent on promotion, and more money is spent on products. Baltany retro military watches are all watches with high cost performance, but only if you are willing to remove the brand premium, I'm more concerned about quality than brand.

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