6 tips for taking care of your mechanical watch

6 tips for taking care of your mechanical watch

Our baltany team want to assist every watch enthusiast in getting the most out of his watches. When your watch begins to malfunction, it can be really inconvenient. Follow those six guidelines for your mechanical timepieces and you'll be able to keep the watchmaker at bay!

1 Check that your watch is still waterproof every one to two years.

Water resistance should be checked on a regular basis, especially if your watch has been damaged or if the case is opened.

2 Rewind your watch on a frequent basis (or wear them for automatic movements).

Watches should not be left unattended for an extended amount of time. You want the oils in the action to continue to lubricate it. A watch-winder can also be used. If you wear a manual winding watch, make it a habit to wind it every morning.

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3 Keep your watch away from any source of strong shock.

Most modern timepieces have anti-shock mechanisms to some extent. However, if you are engaging in strenuous activity, such as golf or tennis, you should remove your watch off your wrist.

4 In the water, do not manipulate the crown or any push-buttons.

That's a terrible concept.

5 Have your watch serviced on a regular basis.

We recommend getting your watch repaired every 5 years, depending on the model. That is twice a decade, and it will be a worthwhile investment if you intend to keep your watch for a long time (and spare you from more costly repairing operations).

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6 Check the accuracy of your watch on a regular basis.

In reality, that is the greatest and simplest approach to determine whether or not your watch is in good working order.

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