Baltany Original Design Retro Men Watch

Baltany Original Design Retro Men Watch

Because of its good corrosion resistance, bronze is associated with navigation and was widely used on ships in the era of great navigation.

This is a design that pays homage to the spirit of sailing. It is inspired by the rudder of ancient ships. The fixed bronze bezel is inlaid with 12 steel balls, which functionally correspond to the 12 hour positions on the dial. Rudder silhouette.

Bronze has left a strong and colorful stroke in human history - in the glorious Bronze Age, bronze is easily oxidized to form a unique color, which makes bronze naturally have a simple atmosphere.

This is BALTANY's bold attempt to combine two completely different materials, stainless steel and tin bronze, so that this sturdy watch has the fine surface effect of stainless steel and the retro atmosphere of bronze at the same time. It has both a modern aesthetic and a heavy sense of history.

Retro and modern, both contradictory, but also can be integrated.

BALTANY first produced the 44mm version and applied for an appearance patent. At the end of last year, it tested the model overseas and obtained positive comments from many overseas users. The strap with the most feedback from watch friends has been upgraded to a softer and high-quality double-folded leather strap.

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