How to clean a mechanical watch?

How to clean a mechanical watch?

You must know how to clean a mechanical watch, just like any other watch enthusiast. Those priceless mechanical marvels must be safeguarded! In this post, we've prepared a few pointers to help you clean your timepieces properly. Cleaning your timepiece is vital not only for its appearance but also for its performance, as you are surely aware.

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How to Clean Water-Resistant Watches:
First and foremost, you must separate the watch case from its strap. You can retain a steel bracelet in place, but cleaning will be less successful because you won't have full access to the side of the case. Second, before you begin, grab an old toothbrush, a small receiver (such as a bowl), soap, and clean soft cottons (from an old t-shirt for example). Now, follow the five steps below to breathe new life into your watch:

1.Separate the watch from the strap once more for thorough cleaning. If you do not know how to remove your strap or do not have the necessary equipment, we recommend that you do not do it since you may harm the lugs of your watch. Please keep in mind that if you are removing the strap with a tool that may scratch the lugs, you can protect them with scotch tape.

2.Totaling screw the crown to secure it. Even if you use your crown on a daily basis, you should always check it. It must be securely screwed to ensure 100% water (and dust) resistance.
NB: Because crown gaskets weaken over time, it is important to have the water resistance tested at a watchmaker's workshop on a regular basis (more info here).

3.Fill the recipient halfway with tepid water and soap, then immerse your watch in it. To avoid scratching your watch, use a plastic recipient such as Tupperware.
NB: Do not use detergent products; instead, use natural soap.

4.Using your toothbrush, scrub both the case and the bracelet. Inside or outside of the water, or both! You don't need a machine to get your watch ultrasonically cleaned; the old-fashioned method still works!

5.Using a clean, soft cotton cloth, dry the watch. You can also use a dryer to get to all of the different components of the bracelet.

Finally, your watch is clean and ready for another accuracy test! Keeping your watch clean is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is also better for the watch's operation and resale value. As a result, cleaning your timepiece on a regular basis is a good idea.

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Cleaning watches that are not water-resistant:
In the case of water-resistant mechanical clocks, detaching the strap allows you to remove the most scratches and dust. Same as before, if you don't know how to remove it, don't try to do it yourself; you don't want to scratch your watch or harm the lugs! You should instead visit a reputable watchmaker at your local watch repair shop.

If you're doing it yourself, there's no need to prepare a basin of water; simply use an old toothbrush and a dry clean soft cotton. Essentially, skip step 3 and gently scrub the watch with the dried toothbrush. You are now ready to wear a spotless watch!

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Cleaning a watch strap:

Now that you have a clean watch, we'll look at cleaning both leather and rubber straps.

To begin, consider leather straps (such as alligator and calf skin):
Because they are manufactured from animals, such straps are natural. This is why they are more prone to degeneration, and you should replace them every two years, depending on how frequently you use them.

You may help them live longer by following these simple guidelines:

1.Do not leave the strap in direct sunlight: the colors will fade quickly. This is not the patina you were hoping for!

2.Do not use any leather straps when participating in sports: moisture will degrade the strap on both the stitching and the leather. When you wish to wear a watch, you should go either a rubber or metal bracelet. (We understand how difficult it may be to be watchless, even if only for the duration of a sporting practice!)

3.For the same reason, avoid wearing a leather strap every day. You should allow your strap breathe between wearing sessions, just like you would with leather shoes.

4.Avoid contact with water. If this occurs, quickly dry your strap with a soft cotton cloth.

5.To clean it, use a soft cotton swab to gently scrub it.

Unfortunately, there are no magic techniques that will extend the life of your leather strap by ten years. However, if you take care of them, they will undoubtedly survive a little longer. We also propose that you offer your watch with a brand new strap for increased resale value.

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