How to wear the right watch and style?

How to wear the right watch and style?

Watches frequently show a person's affluence and level of taste. It is up to you how loose or snug your timepiece fits on your wrist. However, you don't want your timepiece to be so loose that it spins around your arm or so tight that it hinders wrist movement. So, how do you wear a watch to get the best fit?

Consider the shape and size of your wrist, as well as the shape, lug width, and case size of the model you're contemplating while shopping for the proper size. Larger watches are thicker and heavier, but they stay put better than smaller timepieces.

The lugs should not dangle over the wrist, regardless of size. They will not fit properly if the lugs are too broad. Consider starting with a small watch and progressively increasing the size of the watch as you gain confidence in your choices. However, if you want to go big from the outset, acquire a huge watch.

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Using a tailor's tape, measure the width and diameter of your wrist. If you don't have a tailor's tape, you can make do with a ruler and string. Because most straps are measured in millimeters, you must use the centimeter side of the ruler or measuring tape to take your measurements and then convert them to millimeters.

When measuring your wrist, there are a few factors to keep in mind. When you open your palm and hand, for example, the movement of your wrist bone causes your wrist to expand slightly. It would be beneficial if you also considered where you would wear your watch and measured that part correctly. Will you wear it on, above, or below your bone? You must also examine the band you will wear. The proper strap measurement varies according to the type of band you have.

Metal, leather, and NATO straps are available. Metal bands are typically worn a little looser so that you can move freely during the day. The basic guideline is that the watch face and band should be 1 cm larger than the size of your wrist.

Leather straps are stiff, especially when they are new. The typical rule for leather straps fitted on the watch face is that they must be 2 cm longer than the wrist measurement. NATO straps must also be 2.5 cm or 1" larger than the wrist size. Now that you've figured out how to choose a watch brand that suits your wrist, it's time to show off your timepiece.

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Watches have varying degrees of formality, so you should know how to pair them with your attire. Automatic dress watches, for example, feature clean displays and leather brands. As a result, these timepieces are suitable for formal occasions. Sports watches have features such as altimeters, compasses, GPS technology, and odometers, making them ideal for people who lead active lives. Diver's watches and field watches are also available.

The level of formality is important.
Avoid making a fashion faux pas by matching your timepiece to the event's formality level. Formal events, for example, necessitate a classic dress watch with a black leather band. If you want to go for a more relaxed style, match light-colored suits with high-end field or pilot watches. Dark suits and classic dress watches with leather straps are appropriate for a business dress style. Metal bands go well with casual clothing. Any of the watches mentioned above can be worn with formal boots, jeans, or chambray.

Matching your belts and shoes
When selecting a band, consider the color and texture of your shoes and belts. Brown bands are a good match for brown shoes and belts. The same is true for black straps. Pair these with black shoes and belts to complete the look. Bands in gold and silver match either color.

Metals mixed with metals
Metal cases go well with metal embellishments. Steel, platinum, titanium, gold, and silver are the most common materials used to make watch casings. When wearing a rose gold timepiece, match it with gold belt buckles. You should also consider the color of your shoe buckles, cuff links, and other costume accessories. Silver-plated timepieces blend well with black, grey, and blue shoes and outfits, whereas gold goes well with earthy tones.

Heirloom timepieces
If you have an heirloom watch, you're in luck since it allows you to deviate from the guidelines and tips outlined below. Choose a wristwatch that is appropriate to your body for the best effects. Bulkier men can pull off boxier watch faces, while slender men can pull off tiny timepieces.

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One size does not fit all when it comes to timepieces. As a result, you should understand how to select the best watch for you. Use the above recommendations to discover a proportionate item that suits your wrist correctly. Whatever you decide, be sure your wristwatch does not slip around or dig into your skin. Remember that you should feel at ease when wearing your watch.

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