The ultimate watch gift guide for the watch enthusiast

The ultimate watch gift guide for the watch enthusiast

Our ultimate watch gift guide for watch aficionados is on its way to delight you!

A New Release Watch

There are now two new watches in the Baltany store.

1.Baltany Vintage Bubbleback California Dial Men Watch

2.Baltany Retro Bubbleback Watch

A new strap

Changing the strap on your watch is arguably the most cost-effective option to purchase a new one. It's interesting how a new strap can completely alter our perspective of a watch. Some watches are quite versatile and look fantastic with a variety of straps, such as the Leather Strap, which will look equally stunning on a steel bracelet, leather strap, or even a nato strap. Nato straps provide a variety of straps and are easy to change.

We recommend taking a look at Rubber Silicone Watch Bands, which are all handcrafted and look so good that we had to include them in this watch gift recommendations! Baltany, on the other hand, offers a wide range of straps for all types of watches at a lower cost.

Nylon Canvas Watch Strap

A Vintage Watch

During the holiday season, you may not want to travel or engage in certain activities while wearing your beloved watch. A more fitting timepiece would be preferable. However, as a watch collector, wearing the Baltany D12 is a choice (and believe me, I understand!). This is where the incredible comes into play! This dependable mechanical watch with an automatic movement, complete date display, and visible movement at the back costs around $189.

Baltany D12 36mm Vintage Military Field Watch


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